Case Against Landlord Dismissed.

April 1909

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 26 April 1909

Case Against Landlord Dismissed.

Hill Top, Conisborough, is a favourite house with Sunday pedestrians, and Saturday at the “West. Riding Court, Doncaster, Benjamin Hatton, labourer, Mexborough; George Dobson, and Frank Boyle, miners, of New Conisborough. were summoned for being on licensed premises during prohibited hours on Sunday, April 11. Joe Stenton, the landlord was also summoned for having his house open during closing hours.

Mr. Baddiley defended the landlord.

It was stated by Sergeant Ramsey that lie and other officers visited the Hill Top Inn on Sunday morning at 12.10, and entered by the from door which was open. Inside the passage was Boyle who told one of the constables that he was living Mexborough. It was found that he had signed the book as ’’Frank Boyle, Rotherham”, and on inquiries been made they found that he was staying at 16, Cudworth Street, New Conisborough. lt was two miles. 280 yards from Hill Top.

In the room was George Hobson, who, when asked what was doing there, said he had not been asked to sign the visitors’ book. He had a glass containing whisky before him, and was under the influence of drink.

Hatton had pint of beer in front, of him. He told the police had come for a drink, and had travelled three miles 660 yards. Other men were in the room, and being satisfied with their statements, the police allowed them to go.

The landlord on being asked what Dobson was doing there said that he supposed he has come the distance and signed the book,” but Dobson said, “I have not, I have never been asked.” Pointing to Hatton, the sergeant said he was making a practice of coming to the house during prohibited hours. The landlord said that supposed he had come the distance and was entitled to a drink. Hatton had frequented the house on twelve Sundays between December 1st and April 11th, being there four Sundays in October and three times in November.

Mr. Baddiley asked if it was necessary for a man living outside the distance to sign his name.

Sergeant Ramsey: I not prepared to answer that.

On behalf of the landlord it was stated that had kept a licensed house for 26 years without any complaint. He had visitors’ book, and it was well kept. Dobson slipped in the house unobserved, but was not served with drink the landlord.

The cases against the landlord and Hatton were dismissed, and Dobson was fined 10 shillings and costs and Boyle five shillings and costs, the former having been previously convicted.