Cases of Drunkenness.

November 1897

Sheffield Independent – Monday 29 November 1897

Cases of Drunkenness.

At the West Riding Police court on Saturday. Christopher Chapel. Glass hand. New Conisbro was summoned for being drunk and disorderly on the 20th inst

P.S. Brown staled that he heard the defendant using bad language, and saw him knocking against people.

P.C.’s Farr and Jarvis corroborated.

A fine 20 shillings including costs was inflicted.

John Ferrick, miner, Denaby was summoned for being drunk at the Denaby Main Hotel, Conisborough on the 15th inst.

Inspector Ambler stated that his attention was drawn to the defendant,. who was behaving in a disgraceful manner.

. Defendant, who did not appear was fined 10 shillings and costs.