Catapults at Conisborough.

August 1902

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 15 August 1902

Catapults at Conisborough.

John Ellmer and Arthur Ellmer, miners, of New Conisboro’ were summoned for discharging lead bullets and catapults at Conisbrough , on the 31st July.

P.c. Thompson stated that on Thursday, the 31st of July, at 4.45 a.m., he was on duty in Station road, Conisbrough, in company with P.c. Duffin, when they heard something strike a board near to them, and immediately afterwards saw a lead bullet roll in front of them. They proceeded down the road, and on looking over a wall the two defendants discharging lead bullets from catapults.

When they saw witness and Duffin they put them in their pockets. They appeared to be shooting at birds. They found some Indian corn in the pockets of one of the defendants, and that had probably been used to entice the birds to settle.

Defendants wives appeared, and they said in answer to the Chairman that their husband had gone in search of work, and they were on strike.

Defendant was ordered to pay 2/6 and the costs.