Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.16 – Barmbro’ Street Detail (picture)

January 1901

Census 1901 – Denaby – Street Detail – Barmbro’ Street

Barmbrough Street

The houses in Barmbrough Street had 2 rooms plus an attic upstairs. 2 rooms downstairs, a small backyard with outside toilet and coalplace.

They were built in I block of 9, 4 blocks of 11 and 2 blocks of 12 houses in 1898.

Water was installed in 1902. Gas supplied from the Colliery Co. was used from 1898 to 1951 when electricity was installed.

The houses were demolished in 1967.

From John Gwatkin’s Photographic Record of the Old village of Denaby Main
Photo: P O’Neill