Census – Miner who Thought Schedule was the Referendum

April 1911

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 8, 1911

Denaby Main Miner who Thought Schedule was the Referendum

The enumerators at Denaby Main had experiences pleasant and otherwise. In many cases householders had neglected to fill up the schedules till the enumerators came along, and the unfortunate official had to submit to a fire of question.

One good woman was rather reluctant to give particulars. It turned out that her better half – the head of the house – was it present enjoying His Majesties hospitality, and when she insisted that “poor owd Bill, if he know, wouldn’t like to think he wor’ left out.”

When the enumerator assured her he would be included in another place she felt somewhat relieved, and added that she thought the census was only for Denaby people. Then she modestly suggested that the lodger should be put down as head of the household.

Another man had written “Home Rule” in the column for “nationality.” The enumerator respectfully reminded the Patriot that this information was unnecessary. “Holy Moses,” retorted the indignant house order, “ain’t this the referendum? And isn’t everything in my house in favour of Home Rule, y’ould Tory?” But the enumerator didn’t wait to hear any more.

Zion was given as the birthplace of a religious old lady, who seem not at all pleased when the numerator change the place name to Kilnhurst.

Several enumerators found not a little trouble in getting Pitman to state exactly what their occupations were, and one man from Ireland refused to give any particulars as “they were counting him in Galway.” His landlady, however, supplied the necessary information.

Another landlady was very indignant because her boarder’s name had to appear on the same paper with hers. “Can you put it off for a week, mester?” she begged the official. “I gave him notice, and he will be leaving next Saturday.”

The population of Denaby Main will, it is thought, go well into five figures. For 62 houses in one of the district there was a total of 320 occupants, or an average of 5.17 per house.