Chairman Comments – Enough Trouble in Denaby Without…

January 1967

South Yorkshire Times January 28, 1967

Enough Trouble Without…

A Conisbrough youth who came out of approved school only three months ago was sent for three months detention, at Doncaster West Riding Juvenile Court yesterday (Thursday).

The youth, a 16-year-old farm worker, was found guilty of maliciously wounding Neil Allott (23) at present in Mexborough Montague hospital with a fractured skull and broken nose, of using threatening behaviour and of consuming intoxicating liquor under the age of 18.

He was sent to 3 months detention on the first charge three months to run concurrently on the second charge, to which he pleaded not guilty, and find 1 pound for the third offence. He pleaded guilty to the first and third offences.

The chairman of the bench, Mr G. Gallimore, said: “you should thank the police because if they hadn’t come you would have killed the man in a fit of temper. “You went to Denaby where the police have enough trouble without Conisbrough lads going there.” Inspector D. Johnson said the incident happened in Denaby last Friday night

In Unruly Way.

The youth and his friends went to the Denaby main hotel, where they consumed beer and at about 11 p.m. they left the hotel and were seen outside by two police officers who advised them to go home, since they were acting in an unruly way.

They went away from the main street and at about 11:15 p.m. PC Taylor and PC Butterfield saw a crowd in Back Wadsworth Street. They saw the accused strike Alott to the floor and then hit him several times in the face with his fist. He then stood up and took a vending kick Allott said. Allott said Inspector Johnson, was in a state of semi-consciousness, but the youth continued to kick his head and was about to kick him a fourth time when the police officers forcibly restrained him. He was handcuffed and taken to the police station.

Inspector Johnson added that Allot was taken to Mexborough Montague hospital covered in blood. He had severe facial injuries, his left eye was bruised and swollen, his face was swollen and the left ear bruised. There was a deep laceration under the left eye which required stitches and he had a broken nose and a slight skull fracture. When he was taken to hospital, he added, he kept lapsing into a coma and had severe concussion. He had to be given an injection to stimulate the heart “fortunately, he is now recovering,” he added. Inspector Johnson said that the accused made a statement and that in all fairness there was a certain amount of provocation.

Screaming Woman

PC R. Butterfield said that at the scene of the fight there were about 20 people, women were screaming and men were shouting. Three men wanted to attack the youth who had caused the injuries and the police arrived just in time to stop what would have been a large brawl. The youth, he said, was wearing boots.

The youth told the court that when he and his friends came out of the Denaby Main Hotel Allott began arguing with the police and he told him to come away, so that there would be no trouble. When they got to Wadsworth Street one boy took off his jacket and pushed him against a wall, but he walked away and went up to another friend.

Thumped in Mouth

Allot turned round and thumpedt him in the mouth after he had said he did not want to fight. He agreed that he completely overpowered Allot. “I lost my temper and stood over him and kicked him – but I didn’t run to kick him” he said. He felt that if he didn’t keep fighting Allot the other youth would fight him.

The youth was found guilty of using threatening behaviour.

His father said that the youth was not a violent boy and apart from petty thefts he had had no trouble with him. “He is not a boy who would cause trouble, and he had not been at all difficult – it was three on to one and he did what he could to help himself,” he added.