Chairman’s Dinner Visit :  No Party Row at Conisbro’

February 1970

South Yorkshire Times, February 28, 1970

Chairman’s Dinner Visit :

 No Party Row at Conisbro’

Conisbrough Urban Council chairman, Coun. J. Tayor, this’ week scoffed at rumours that a row with the Labour Party had blown up over his attending the Citizen’s Association dinner the previous week.

Coun. Taylor told the “South Yorkshire Times”, “I have had no trouble at all with my party, and how these rumours have begun I do not know.

“I have been stopped at the pit on several occasions this week and asked about it, but I can assure everyone that I am on perfectly good terms with the party.”

Colin. Taylor explained that he had attended the Citizen’s dinner in his official capacity as chairman of the Council. He had accepted an offer to speak on “Conisbrough and Denaby” to the 230 guests who attended the function.

Coun. G. Cheshire, leader of the Labour group, commented, “There is no dispute at all between Coun. Taylor and the party.”