Change of Site For New Infants’ School at Conisbro’

July 1950

South Yorkshire Times July 29, 1950

Change of Site

For New Infants’ School at Conisbro’

Conisbrough Primary School Managers were informed last night that the County Mining Engineer had stated that the Ivanhoe site which had been approved for the proposed new infants’ school at Conisbrough was undergoing the effects of subsidence and would, in his opinion, be unsuitable as a site for at least two years.

In view of the Engineer’s report, the Coun Authority suggested that the school be built on part of the playing fields of the existing modern school, and were anxious for the views of the Primary School Managers and the Divisional Education Executive on the matter.

Mr. E. B. Stockdale, Divisional Education Officer, told the Managers that if the building of the school were to come within this year’s programme, approval would have to be given to the suggested site within the next fortnight. It was also necessary to obtain the approval of the modern school governors.

The Managers agreed that although they were reluctant to deprive the modern school of any playing space, the need for an infant school was so great that any delay in its erection should be avoided at all costs. They therefore gave unanimous approval to the County’s suggestion.

A letter was read from the County Authority in answer to doubts expressed by the Managers as to the necessity for providing a specially strengthened foundation for the proposed temporary accommodation at Morley Place School to counteract the effects of subsidence. The Authority stated that they had asked the County Engineer to review the position, and would report on his observation when received.