Char-a-Banc Speed Limit

May 1921

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 28 May 1921

Char-a-Banc Speed Limit

The char-a-banc has come to say. This is a fact which may as well be acknowledged. Our roads are not constructed for such traffic and it appears to be necessary for the speed of these vehicles through search localities as our own to be subject to sensible regulations if accident are to be prevented.

In many populist places a speed limit of ten miles per hour is enforced on all conveyances, and in the opinion of many people the time has arrived for such regulations to be made and enforced for Conisborough.

It would be a good idea for a speed limit notice to be fixed say, at Mount Pleasant, on the Sheffield Road and another at a point on the east of Don View, whilst another should he exhibited at the railway crossing at Denaby for all traffic proceeding towards Doncaster.

Our local motorist are aware of the dangers of hidden crossroads, but strangers ought to be warned. and such notices as are here suggesting would intimate to them the necessity for cautious driving.