Chatting with Jack Palance in Berlin

April 1958

South Yorkshire Times, April 26, 1958

Chatting with Jack Palance in Berlin

Celebrities are not uncommon in the four Power city of Berlin. Sergeant Trevor Joseph Dean (24), of 1, Wembley Avenue, Conanby, met one of them—American film star Jack Palance—when he visited the Sergeant’s Mess of Berlin Independent Brigade.

Palance, with Martine Carole, is in Berlin to make a film based on Lawrance Bachmann’s book, “The Phoenix.”

Sergt. Dean, nearest the star, is Assistant Squadron Quartermaster Sergeant with Berlin Signal Squadron—the only Royal Signals unit permanently situated behind the Iron Curtain.

For three hours Mr, Palance chatted with Sergt. Dean and his Mess companions. The main topic of conversation? Films? No! Boxing! Jack Palance was at one time a professional boxer.