“Cheap Firewood” – Denaby Persons Damage to a Fence

May 1912

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 18 May 1912

“Cheap Firewood”

Denaby Persons Damage to a Fence

Several Denaby persons were summoned by the Denaby and Cadeby Colliery Company for damage to a fence at Denaby on May 1.

Their names were Dennis Galvin, labourer, Denaby; William Dyche, miner, Denaby; Ethel Fletcher, married, Denaby; Sarah Ball, married, Denaby; Thomas Willoughby (14), Denaby; John Griffen (12), schoolboy, Denaby; and Martin Griffen, miner, Denaby.

Mr F Allen prosecuted.

He explained that the fence in question surrounded the Denaby football ground, and notwithstanding previous warnings the defendants were seen getting “cheap firewood,” and in a short time had taken to 180 feet of superficial wood.

There were caught in the act by PC Rushton and Witty Milner, a colliery watchman.

PC Richardson said that at 6.0 5 PM on the day in question, he was on duty in Balby St, Denaby, when he saw the defendants pulling down a fence near the football ground. He spoke to them, and they replied: “Anybody can take it who like to fetch it.”

PC Rushton said there would be hundred people engaged in pulling the wood down.

Witty Milner assisted assessed damages at 8/– each.

The defendants were fined 10/– including costs and damage