Chemical Can be Lethal Warning

January 1966

South Yorkshire Times January 29, 1966

Chemical Can be Lethal Warning

A chemical which can be bought from chemists quite freely and which is in common use as a stain remover, is a killer, Conisbrough Road and Home Safety Committee was told on Tuesday.

A warning of the lethal effect on inhaling the fumes of carbon tetrachloride was given by retired Conisbrough GP, Dr D. M. Bell. He told members of the case of a young man, who had cleaned his shoes with the fluid in an enclosed space and had died four days later as a result of inhaling the fumes.

A young girl had been violently ill after nearly sitting in a chair which her mother had previously cleaned with carbon tetrachloride said Doctor Bell.

He added, “This is a very, very dangerous poison which is readily available at chemists.

“In a space 10 feet square or 10 feet high, it needs only three thimbles full to saturate the air to danger level”.

The doctor emphasised that the chemical was widely used in the home for cleaning purposes.

Several committee members admitted having bought the chemical loose.

The chemical decided to take immediate action and forward the matter to the Yorkshire Home Safety Group.