Chemist Blinded – Shocking Accident at Denaby Powder Factory.

March 1921

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 19 March 1921

Chemist Blinded.

Shocking Accident at Denaby Powder Factory.

Mr. George T. Speakman, a chemist at the Denaby Powder Factory of the British Westfalite Company , was admitted to the Montagu Hospital, on Monday evening, terribly injured as a result of an accident.

While he was testing cartridges at the factory, one exploded and completely destroyed his sight, as well as blowing away his left hand.

It was necessary later to remove his eyes. The unfortunate, young man is about twenty years of age, unmarried, and lives at the factory, his home being in No Wales.

In spite of the cruel nature of his injuries he is making good toward recovery of his general health.