Child Fatally Scalded

March 1929

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 1, 1929

Child Fatally Scalded

an inquest was held at the Fullerton Hospital, Denaby on Friday by Doncaster District Coroner (Mr WH Carlile) relative to the death of Albert Fox aged 5 years and 10 months, the son of Abraham Fox, a miner of 66 Northcliffe Road, Conisborough this, who died in hospital in February 19.

The mother Mary Fox gave evidence of identification and said that on Thursday, February 14, the boy was standing on a stool close to the guard. The stool was 9 inches high and the fireguard 29 inches. He asked witness for a potato which she gave in. He overbalanced as he was peeling it and fell towards the fire. A saucepan containing hot water was on the fire at the time of the boy pulled it over onto himself. He was badly scalded on the eye head arms and body.

Doctor Dixon and Doctor Gilmore attended the boy. Doctor Gilmore ordered his removal to the Fullerton Hospital in February 18.

Doctor C Gilmore of Conisborough said that he saw the boy on Sunday, February 17 and he was unconscious. The next day he had become worse and witness ordered him to the hospital where he died at 11.30 on February 19th.

The cause of death was shock and septicaemia, following scalding.

The Coroner in recording a verdict “Accidental Death” expressed sympathy with the relatives. He referred to the fireguard said had it had a cover over the accident may have been avoided