Childhood Playmates Marry in Conisbrough – 1000 Miles Trip Had a Happy Ending

November 1946

South Yorkshire Times, November 2, 1946

1000 Miles Trip Had a Happy Ending
Childhood Playmates Marry in Conisbrough

A 1000 miles journey from America by 66 year old Mrs Ada Cooper had a happy ending at Conisbrough Parish Church on Monday when she married 71 years old Mr William Henry Bunting of Lincoln Road, Doncaster. Mr Bunting and Mrs Cooper were not strangers when they met at the home of Mr Ponting’s brother, Mr J Bunting of 17, Bentinck Street, Conisbrough, recently, for they had played together as children, and Mrs Cooper had gone to the same Sheffield school as Mr Ponting’s first wife. Mrs Cooper was visiting her sister (who is Mrs J Bunting)

It was 21 years ago that Mrs Ponting (then Mrs Cooper) went across the Atlantic to join her first husband in Gary, Indiana. With her went six sons and three daughters, who are now married. Mrs Ponting has three great grandchildren and 23 grandchildren, and one of her granddaughters was her attendant at the wedding on Monday. She has travelled a good deal and of her trip to England, which was made by air just over a month ago, she said, “I really enjoyed it, I picked up the plane at Chicago, and from there we made only two stops before getting to Croydon.” The purpose of the journey was to visit her two daughters in Sheffield, and her son, who lives at Thurcroft. Now she herself is staying, and says that although she would consider going back on a trip to see her children in America, she rather thinks that they will be over to see her first.

Mrs Bunting wore at her wedding a black-and-white costume dress and purple hat. The service was conducted by the vicar of Conisbrough, the Rev G. F. Braithwaite, and Mrs Ponting’s granddaughter, Mrs Florence Swann, of Thurcroft, who wore an orange dress with brown hat and matching accessories, was matron of honour. Both carried chrysanthemums. Best man was Mr J. Reilly, and the groomsman Mr A Cooper, Mr bunting has two sons, one of whom lives in Doncaster and the other in Wakefield.