Children’s Concert

April 1908

Mexborough & Swinton Times, April 18, 1908

Children’s Concert.

The concert given by the Young Leaguers’ Union was repeated on Monday, in the Wesleyan Sunday School, in splendid style, the children showing further signs of careful training on the part of Mrs. Owen and Miss Bates.

The schoolroom was again crowded.The first item was a very enjoyable pianoforte duet by Mrs. Owen and Miss ‘Wilson, and a prettily performed action song with hoops was given by a number of girls.

Other new items were “The little mothers,” a most amusing action song by twelve girls, and another humorous action song ‘The tall top hat,” by the boys. ‘Phese items, and the children’s cantata, “The Queen of Choice,” formed the first part A duet was sung by Gladys Sellers and Muriel Wilson, and solos by Nellie Fowler and Doris Clarkson. “The little old woman that lived, in a shoe,” an operetta for children, formed the second part, Marjorie Clark on, Clara White, Willie Rawding,  Redvers Senior, Lizzie Clarkson, Dallas Booth, Harold Brocklesby, Sam Wilson, George ‘Wilson, Miriam Stenton., Arthur Farmery, Annie Blackburn, and Harry Wesley each acted their parts exceedingly well, as also did Connie Appleyard and George Appleyard. The National Anthem closed the programme.

Miss Wilson, accompanied and congratulations are due to everyone concerned in providing such an excellent