Children’s Court – Denaby Lad spite

September 1910

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 03 September 1910

Children’s Court

Denaby Lad spite

“I did it  to spite the corporal,” 15 year old Ben Lawrence, rope turner, of Denaby, told the Chairman of the Children’s Court.

Ben was charged under rule four, with doing an act likely to endanger the safety of the Cadeby mine and the workers.

Mr W.M.Gichard, Rotherham, appearing for the company, said the defendant was on the Jinny Road and put two pieces of wood on the metals in front of the train of full tubs.

Fortunately a deputy discovered the obstruction, or they would have been a serious accident.

Defendant excuse was that the Corporals “always on to him,” and one day he drank his drink.

His spiteful action cost him a sovereign.