The Evictions – Dinner in the Evicted Miner’s Quarters – London Graphic

January 1903

From The Graphic, 31st January 1903

The Denaby Main Strike: The Children´s Dinner in the evicted Miner´s Quarters

Drawn by T.S.C.Crowther

For twenty eight weeks the colliers of Denaby have refused to work on a matter of principle affecting the removal off “bag dirt” from the mines. In this period of voluntary idleness, the men and their families have lived on the strike pay derived from the Yorkshire Miners Association and now having been evicted from their barrack-like homes, are compelled to seek refuge in chapels, tents, and schoolrooms.

The lot of the men is hard enough, but that of the women and children is harder. Thanks to the charity of South Yorkshire workmen, the youngsters can always be certain of a good meal at least once a day, which although served amidst surroundings unfamiliar to their eyes, is evidentially enjoyed in blissful ignorance of the causes of the regrettable dispute.

In the chapels of the district beds have been laid on the floors and `makeshift accommodation´ provided for their benefit, whilst cooking is performed on tortoise stoves, paraffin lamps etc., to meet the never ending demand.

The fathers themselves are loth to beg, and adopt the policy of `selling´ a leaflet, on which is printed doggerel verses which are supposed to run to the tune of “The Wearin o`the Green”.

The Graphic was a notable Victorian weekly illustrated magazine published by William Luson Thomas, a social reformer.