Children’s Playground on North Cliff Hills

February 1929

Mexborough and Swinton Times February 15, 1929

Children’s Playground on North Cliff Hills

The children’s playground on the North Cliff Hills will soon be an accomplished fact.

The South Yorkshire Miners and Welfare committee have signified its approval of a grant of £2,017 for the construction of the playground on the assurance that the grant will used for this purpose only.

The committee adds that on no account will it recommend any supplementary grant. The grant is to be conditional upon the Conisbrough Urban Council agreeing to give the site and to maintain the playground after it has been constructed. The Council has already intimated its sympathy with tthe project and at its meeting on Wednesday gave the necessary assurances.

The proposal is to expend the money as follows:

Preparation of ground £456, ashes and leading £50, purchase and erection of equipment £949, kiosk £60, surfacing £375, 40 seats £126.

A start will be made this month. It is to be hoped that right from the beginning youths will realise that the equipment is for children and the apparatus will be respected and not subjected to the same treatment as meted out to the playthings in Ivanhoe Park.