Child’s Narrow Escape from Drowning

June 1915

Mexborough and Swinton Times June 26, 1915

Child’s Narrow Escape from Drowning

On Sunday afternoon, between 330 and 4 o’clock, as Mr F Ibbotson assistant to Mr A Lowe, Station hotel was proceeding along Sheffield Road, near the old brewery, he heard screams of distress proceeding from the Holywell pond.

He and two other young men scaled the wall, and saw a little girl in the by wash. The little girl, named Cass, about seven years of age, whose parents live in Doncaster Road, had been playing near the pond with some other children, and had fallen into the water.

The child had been washed some distance from the bank, and was entangled amongst the growing reeds. Ibbotson first told her to stick to the reeds, and then, with assistance of the other two young men, he was able to reach.

It was fortunate that Ibbotson heard the scream otherwise the girl would probably have been drowned.