Christmas Events at Denaby

January 1920

Mexborough Times, January 3rd, 1920

On Boxing Day, in connection with the Wesleyan Chapel, a tea and social were held in the Rossington Street school. A very happy time was spent. A tea and social were also held at the Salvation. Army barracks.A whist drive and dance was held in the Large Hall. It was organised by the Church Council, and the proceeds were in aid of the Assistant Ministry Fund. A sum of £38 was raised. There was a good attendance, 39 tables being occupied for whist.

The MC’s were Messrs. E and G.L. Robinson, and for dancing Messrs A.Harwood, E.Wathey, and L. Moseley. The prize winners were Mrs Moore, Mrs Cass, Mrs Kaye asks, Messrs Rosser, Whitlam and Williams.
Many visits were paid this Christmas to the Cenotaph standing in the grounds of the comrades club, and many holly wreaths and crosses were left there.

At the Parish, Church on December 23rd a carol service was given by boys of the local school.

On Christmas Day, holy Communion was celebrated at 7, 8, and 10.30, the reverent H.Lee and the reverent, J.Griffiths officiating. Carols were sung at each service.

On Boxing Day the officials and committee of the Denaby comrades were the guests of the Denaby and Cadeby Collieries Officials Club. Tea was provided, followed by a games tournament and concert. The hosts won at “Snooker´s pool” by four games to one, which deficit the Comrades made up a whist, scoring 43 points to 28. Mr H.C.Harrison presided over the entertainment, the problem for which was provided by the following: Messrs W.Winterson, A.Greenhaulgh, J.Hulse, A.Hayward, J.Smith, J.Jeffcote (senior) and Parks.