Christmas in Conisborough & Denaby

January 1920

Mexborough Times, January 3rd, 1920

Christmas Treat for Conisborough & Denaby ex soldiers

The guests of the Denaby and Conisborough ex-soldiers at their “treat” on Christmas Eve will long remember the occasion. Altogether, about 425 war widows, orphans, and other dependent were feted in a right royal fashion, and had a thoroughly enjoyable time. The tree was a great success, and there was an abundance of provisions. The tables were presided over by the Conisbrough and Denaby Nursing Sisters, under the supervision of Mrs Farrell, of Conisboro┬┤.

The Rev H.Lee, vicar of Denaby main, and the Rev H. de C. Dallimore, were in attendance.

Following the tea came the children’s hour, when they were entertained by Mr Parks, while preparations were being made for the unloading of two gigantic Christmas trees (kindly provided by Messrs G.L.and E.Robinson). It was a merry and eager crowd of youngsters which filed up, to receive at the hands of Mrs Gibbs and Mrs Smethurst, the wonderful gifts – dolls and toys, and knickknacks, a shilling piece, and bag of sweets, fruit and nuts – and there was it possible, even more happiness and laughter, and excited chatter when they stood pleasantly burdened with all that is dear to the young heart.

Each widow and dependent was given a sum of 5s (25p) handed out by ex-lieutenant Wheeliker and Mrs Farrell. The company dispersed about eight o’clock, after one of the jolliest and most successful Christmas parties ever held in the district.

Hearty congratulations are due to the committees who had the working and, who are as follows: Mr W.L.Wesley (independent chairman for Denaby), Mr T Oxley, Mr A.Lawrence, Mr W. Cuttell, Mr William Appleyard (chairman of the Conisborough Committee), Mr J Rayner, Mr J. Smith, and Mr J Platts.