Chrysanthemum show at Conisborough

November 1888

Mexborough and Swinton Times November 9, 1888

Chrysanthemum show at Conisborough

Yesterday afternoon the fourth annual exhibition of chrysanthemum was opened in the church Sunday School, Conisbrough by Mrs Wood.

The Reverend J.G.Wood, M.A., vicar made a few remarks, in the course of which he alluded to the backward state of the season, which in great measure accounted for the exhibits not been equal in quality to those of former years. He thought chrysanthemum growing should be encouraged, and he was glad to see that the love of it was making rapid progress in the homes of the cottages in the kingdom.

It was essentially the winter flower, and besides the beauty of it, it afforded a nice recreation for those engaged in its cultivation. He would be glad to see next year more amateur growers in the village. The show was then formally declared open.

The following were the prize takers:

Gentleman’s class:

Mr J Blyth six firsts, six seconds (Gardner Mr Fearn)

Mrs Simpson, five firsts seven seconds (Gardner Mr Smith)

Amateur class:

Mr Twibey, five firsts, two seconds, two thirds

Mr Meggit four firsts, four seconds, one third

As might have been expected the exhibits in the gentleman’s class were by far the best, though they were not seen in their best, on account of the backwardness of the season.