Cinemas – Globe Palace and Empire Palace – Helen of Four Gates

March 1921


Globe Palace


Today (Thursday) and Good Friday (615 and 830)

The story of the Rosary

Saturday – the great Nazimova –

The Red Lantern

Monday, March 28. For three days:

Alma Taylor in.

Helen of four gates.

A fine Hepworth film. In five parts. Helen of Four Gates

Henry Edwards as.

Mr Bliss, millionaire.

Comic, pictorial and Gazette

Thursday, March 31 for three days:

Sessue Hayakawa in:

The Clue

Five parts Path´s great serial

Episode eight

Rainbow comic

(two parts)

Children´s matinee: Tuesdays at 430, Saturdays at 230

Admission 4d, 5d, 7d, 1 shilling


Denaby Empire Palace

Manager T.W.Goodison.

Two Houses 5.45 and 8.45

The Other Half


Elmo K.Lincoln in Virtuous Men

Easter Monday and Tuesday

The House of Intrigue

A thrilling Mystery Romance

By Golly

(Mak Sennett, comedy)

Wednesday only: Molly King in


Her Honour the Scrub Lady


Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Sessue HayakawaIn in The Illustrious Prince

A remarkable adaptation of the famous novel by E.Philips Oppenheim

The quack doctor

a Mack Sennett comedy