Claim Against An Auctioneer.

July 1921

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Wednesday 13 July 1921

Claim Against An Auctioneer.

A Denaby miner, Patrick Curran. liviog at 50, Balby`Street, put in a claim for £50 damages. at the Doncaster County Court, yesterdav, against Joseph Marshall Siddall, auctioneer, of Wadsley Bridge, Sheffield, for personal injuries.

Petitioner stated that on Saturday, April 2nd. he came to Doncaster with his wife, and between 2 and 3 in the afternoon he was walking along St. Sepulchre Gate with a man named John Foley. and when proceeding to cross the street defendant came along in a car. He was caught in the back and on the left arm and knocked down. He was removed to the infirmary and had a broken rib and other injuries. His earnings at the Denaby pit were £5 a week.

He had a rabbit in his hand and a bag containing eight dozen eggs. He claimed; five weeks’ wages and £20 I0s for “pain and suffering.” Petitioner denied that he was in think and the house surgeon at the infirmary agreed.

Defendant stated that he was accompanied by his father. At the crossing the policeman on point duty signalled him to stop, and.on getting the signal to proceed he put the car on the bottom gear and sounded the horn. He had only proceeded 12 to 15 yards when the accident happened. Petitioner and his friend were going alongside the car, and the former suddenly turned into his car. If the man had kept on a straight line the accident would not have happened.

His Honour, Sir Patrick Rose-Innes, said it was impossible to say on which side the truth lay. The facts on both sides he could not reconcile. It was the duty of the petitioner to make out his case, and he gave a verdict for defendant but without costs. Mr. Mitchell of Sheffield, appeared for defendant.