Cleanup at Denaby Promised

March 1967

South Yorkshire Times March 18, 1967

Cleanup at Denaby Promised.

Chairman of Doncaster West Riding Ct, Mr Sidney Firth, said on Friday that magistrates and police would do all they could to make Denaby a fit place to live in.

He said that in the last six months there had been 159 convictions for cases of bad conduct in the Denaby area.

Neil Allott (23), unemployed, of Fitzwilliam Avenue, Conisbrough, was fined £10 after pleading “guilty” to using threatening behaviour in Denaby.

Terence Newley, age 17, miner, of Wadsworth Street, Denaby, pleaded guilty to using threatening behaviour and drinking underage.

The magistrates adjourned his case and then sent him to a detention centre for three months, with a fine of £1, after considering further information.

Det. Chief Inspector William Coates said the two were fighting together near the Denaby main hotel.