Clock May Be Turned Back Through the Centuries

August 1960

South Yorkshire Times August 13, 1960

Clock May Be Turned Back Through the Centuries

The Clock may be turned back through the centuries at Conisbrough.

Two concrete floors may be provided in the Norman keep at the castle, and the moat may be cleared and filled with water.

Mr. R. S. Black, Works Superintendent at York, told the “South Yorkshire Times,” “We have completed work on the curtain wall, and practically only the restoration work on the keep and the moat remains to be done.”

Mr. Black denied that a roof would be put on the keep. The castle is preserved as an ancient monument, and will only undergo restoration work. ,.

It Is possible, however, that it i may be thought necessary to provide two concrete floors to replace the gantrys that give access to the ramparts.”

The moat would be cleared and it might be given its original appearance. He could not say at the moment. The small working squad at the Castle had done wonders in the time they had had. Extra labour may be brought in but again, at the moment, he could not be definite.

When will work be completed?—”Neither I, nor anyone else, can ‘give you any estimate. It could be five years; maybe ten,” Mr. Black said.

Work has started on the replacement of the present protective rails on the top of the castle, by lateral rails on the rampart walk itself.

When our reporter asked Mr. Black for an estimate of the total cost of the scheme at Conisbrough. Mr. Black replied “Not a great deal. Ancient monuments like this nearly pay for themselves.”