Co-Op Closures K.O. Denaby Store

December 1969

South Yorkshire Times November 8, 1969

Co-Op Closures K.O. Denaby Store

Early in January 1949 the then members of the Board of Management of the Denaby Main Co-operative Society proudly opened their new premises to be known as ‘The Central Stores’, in School Walk.

This fine building was taken over, along with the other branches of the society, by the Doncaster Co-operative Society when the merger took place about two years ago. But now we learn that the premises are to be closed down on November 22nd.

The present manager of the branch, Mr. George Barber, began work with the Denaby Main Society 44 years ago. He will be offered employment in the Doncaster area by the Doncaster society.

This will be a great break for Mr. Barber after a lifetime of serving in the Denaby shops and knowing local shoppers, Our Denaby correspondent recalls that whet’ the premises were opened, he asked a member of the Board of Management why they had a flat roof to the building, and was told that the Board hoped to build on the top a “Co-operative Hall” which could be used for concerts and dancing.

Their visions were unfortunately never realised.

In the past two years the Doncaster society have closed down the premises in Old Road, Conisbrough, and the drapery, footwear and furniture departments, along with the ‘beer-off’ on Doncaster Road.

The remaining shops of the old society are now at Chestnut Grove, Conisbrough, and Hickleton Street, and Strafforth Terrace in Denaby.

It was rumoured at one time that the Central Stores in School Walk were to be taken over by the West Riding as a school canteen but the building is to be demolished and extensions to Rossington Street School will be erected in its place.

A spokesman for the Divisional Education Office said, “The West Riding have negotiated with the Co-op for the building, which will probably be demolished. A new infants’ block is to be erected on the sites”