CO-OP Progress at Denaby – Half-Year’s Sales Over £100,000

May 1950

South Yorkshire Times, May 6 1950

CO-OP Progress at Denaby

Half-Year’s Sales Over £100,000

Mr, William Dean, President, in his report to members  of the Denaby Main Co-operative Society at their half-yearly Meeting last Thursday, mentioned that the society had experienced another successful of year

Sales were well aheadof the £100,000 mark per year. During the last six months there had been an increase of 11.7 per cent. and the average weekly trade for each member was 25s.,including that spent at the Society’s beer-off shops.

After full allowances for depreciation had been made there was a net surplus of £3,706. The share capital had also increased during the past seven years by over £9,000 to £44,523. This showed that the Society’s members were taking every advantage of           facilities for saving.

Early in this year the Society had become pioneers of the self-service movement in the area, and the new shop in Church Walk, Denaby, could be said to be one of the finest In South Yorkshire.

The Society’s membership was definitely on the increase, and they were not very far short of the 2,000 mark.

Mr. Dean explained that the Society’s drapery and footwear department had transferred to the reconditioned shop at Melton view and members now had a drapery department as good as new.

“The Denaby Main Society” said Mr S Roberts, secretary, “is moving with the times, and during the past two years it has made great strides towards that than any other time in its long history.”

Mrs J Engeldow, A Roberts, A Mee and D Sheldon were elected to the committee, and all other officers were re-elected.

A vote of thanks to all the staff of the Society posed by Mr GR Sanderson.