Co-operative Society – Dividend 1/1 in £

May 1941

Mexborough & Swinton Times May 10, 1941

Co-operative Society

The half-yearly meeting of the Denaby Main Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd., was held on Saturday in the Epworth Hall and presided over by Mr. George Constantine (president).

The main business was the presentation of the 185th report and balance sheet and for the election of committee members.  Mr. J. T. Watson (secretary) gave the report.

The following retiring members were re-elected to the committee: Messrs. J. P. Engledow (treasurer) N. Hulley, R. J. Whitlam and G. R. Simons (auditors).  Mr. T. Shephard was elected to the vacancy caused by the death of the late Mr. E. Cheshire.

In their report the committee stated that sales in the half year amounted to £31,294 and the balance to be disposed of was £2,298.  The result enabled them to pay a dividend of 1/1 in the £ on members purchases, after paying £121 18s. 2d. for lie assurance of members for the current half-year, interest on capital in addition to the usual allowance for the Reserve Fund, and also carrying a balance of £56 19s, to the next half year.

The committee also pointed out that every member of the Society (including husband and wife) was insured in case of death free, and to date they had paid a total of 644 death claims amounting to £4,528 12s 9d.