Coal Board Appointments – District Personnel (picture)

December 1946

South Yorkshire Times, December 14, 1946

Coal Board Appointments
District Personnel

With the vesting date only three weeks away the North Eastern Divisional Coal Board on Saturday announced its appointments for the principal positions in the area.

Mr T.S. Charlton, joint managing director of Amalgamated Denaby Collieries Ltd., on Saturday announced as Deputy Director Production for Areas 1,2,3 and 4 was yesterday named Deputy Director Production for South Wales.

Assistant to Mr Charlton: Mr B.H. Pickering, joint regional production director, Ministry of Fuel and former General Manager of Denaby, Cadeby and Maltby Collieries.

Service Records of New Executives

Mr T. S. Charlton

Mr T. S. Charlton, J. P. of Barnburgh Hall, Barnburgh joined Yorkshire amalgamated collieries Ltf. (Comprising Denaby, Cadeby, Malton, Rossington and Dinnington collieries) last year as assistant managing director and shortly afterwards became joint managing director.

He went to Denaby from Cortonwood colliery, of which company he was managing director, retaining his seat on the board of directors at Cortonwood. He is also a director of the United Westminster and Wrexham collieries Ltd., owners of Gresford colliery. North Wales.

Mr Charlton, a native of Ashington (Northumberland) is the son of Mr W. J. Charlton, O.B.E., Hill before his retirement was a divisional inspector of mines in the North of England he was trained in mining at Leeds University, where he obtained his degree, he is a member of many technical committees and associations.

After practical experience in South and West Yorkshire, Northumberland and South Wales, he was appointed under manager of the Shelton coal and iron companies deep pit, Hanley, where Cole was being worked at a depth of 1400 yards.

Four years later he went to Gresford, his special commission being to recover the pit after the explosion in 1934 in which some 260 lost their lives. In 1939 Mr Charlton went to Cortonwood as general manager and subsequently was appointed managing director.

Mr B.H. Pickering

Mr Basil H. Pickering, J.P., Stone Grange, Maltby, who during the War was seconded to the Ministry of Fuel and Power as joint regional production director in this area, was previously General Manager of Denaby, Cadeby and Maltby Collieries, an appointment he received in November 1938.

Six years earlier he had been appointed agent to Denaby and Cadeby Collieries and Assistant General Manager of Maltby Colliery

Son of Mr W.H. Pickering, Divisional Mines Inspector, who lost his life in the Cadeby Colliery disaster of 1912, Mr Pickwering entered the mining industry in 1905 under the late Mr W.H. Chambers at Denaby and Cadeby, and from 1911 to 1920, with the exception of war service from 1915 to 1919, he was manager of Wath main colliery. He was then appointed manager of Manton colliery, Worksop. Before receiving the appointment in 1923 as agent of the Maltby and Rossington Collieries. Later he was appointed agent of Denaby main