Coal Carting – Success of the Denaby scheme – Help For Unemployed

February 1935

Mexborough & Swinton Times February 1 1935

Coal Carting
Success of the Denaby scheme
Help For Unemployed

Although they had spent £3,662 on carting coal, there was only a small attendance of contributors at the annual meeting of the Denaby and Cadeby home coal carting fund in the miners’ welfare Institute on Sunday.

Mr. T. Hill Presiding, said that in 16 years of the funds existence 512,006 loads of coal have been carted without a single injury, a great tribute to their drivers.
The meeting stood in silence in memory of Mr. George Smith secretary 10 years. Mr. Hill said they had lost a man who was heart and soul in the scheme.

The accounts presented by Mr J Thurgood the auditor showed that there had been a loss of £57 12s 6d on the years working. Against this was the fact that 600 loads been carted free from unemployed. Had these been charged for they would have brought in £77. Contributions were £600 less than last year. On the expenses side were £1,934 in wages, £1,138 in running costs £15 in the redemption, and £20 repairs at Ferry Farm.

There was cash at the bank £156, 1394 pounds in the deposit account and £11 in the number 2 account and the total assets were £630.

Some new houses have been built at the depot costing £1430.

Mr James MacFarlene Denaby YMCA branch proposed an amendment to rule to give the YMA the power to nominate the surface workers representative on the governing body instead of the Transport and General workers. He added that there was a feeling that all workmen at the colliery should belong to the same union.

In opposition Mr H Shacklock declared that there was a workers union representative on the committee when the scheme was in its infancy and now that the scheme was in a flourishing state there was an attempt to turn out that representative.

The motion was defeated by 32 votes to 21