Coal Foragers Caught in Cadeby Pit Yard

September 1926

Mexborough and Swinton Times September 17, 1926

Coal Foragers Caught in Cadeby Pit Yard.

Conisborough miners, Horace Scott and Noah Grice, were each fined £2 at Doncaster on Tuesday for having stolen 1 ¾ cwt. of coal, the property of the Denaby and Cadeby Collieries, Ltd.

P.C. Berry said that at 2 AM on August 24th he was on duty in the Cadeby colliery yard when he saw a sack of coal thrown out of the truck, then another, and later saw two men climb out of the truck. A third man was on the ground, but when he saw the officer he ran away. He caught the two men, who were taken to the timekeeper’s office and charged. Scott answered, “It is just my luck,” and Grice said he never been there before.

The defence was that they had not stolen a single cobble. There was nothing in the sacks, for they had no time to get any.

They admitted that they were going to trespassed on the L. M. S. Line to get coal because it was easier than digging for it.