Coal Problem – Miners Without Coal – Strike Threat

March 1931

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 30 March 1931

Miners Without Coal

Strike Threat at Denaby and Conisborough.

Home Supply Problem.

A strike of the miners of Conisborough and Denaby is threatened as a result of the grievances they hold relative to the distribution of home coal, a load of which they are supposed to receive each working month.

Owing to the operation of the quota system many of the men have not been able to get in the requisite number of shifts to entitle them to coal in the month and in many cases the time occupied to do so has been double with the consequence that many of the mining families are entirely without coal.

It is stated that what coal has been supplied has been obtained from other pits.

To discuss the matters a big meeting was held yesterday at the Conisborough Station Hotel, and today Mr. Herbert Smith, the President of the Yorkshire Mineworkers Association, is to address them and lead in the negotiations with the management.

It has been made clear to the management by a deputation of the men, it is understood, that unless something is done to-day there will be no coal drawn at all.

Over 400 loads had been paid for according to agreement up to the week-end and not delivered, it is stated.

There is also a grievance relative to alleged full stoppages from men who have three shifts and in some cases the miners have gone home with 10s. for the keep of the wife and family.

The pits are not working until Wednesday and Thursday of this week and then they close down until the following Tuesday for Easter.