Coal Strike – Missionaries Report – 7 Nights in Coal Lorry

June 1926

Mexborough and Swinton Times June 18, 1926

Missionary Report

Mr Tom Mullins who is one of the party of Denaby miners who are on a propaganda tour of the country, writes from high Wycombe to inform us that Coun. Brownsword, one of the party, has had to return home having developed hernia. Mr Mullins continues, “Mr Jerram and I are carrying on and shall do so until developments decide otherwise. We have found, no matter what town or village be visited, the press have centred on the bankrupt state of the industry, exaggerated miners earnings, and ignored the tremendous profits of the coal owners. We are well received everywhere and there is universal sympathy with the miners.”

Mr Mullins goes on to say that they encountered no hostility anywhere except at a Abingdon where three students who were the worse for drink motored into the marketplace and tried to disturb their meeting, but were taken in hand by the police.

The tour has included Abington, Didcot, Swindon, Reading, Marlow and High Wycombe. The weather has been bad and has interfered with some of the meetings as well as with the comfort of the party and they have slept in their lorry on seven consecutive nights.

“We have been compensated, however, for the discomfort by seeing the beauties of the country, a chance which seldom comes our way; by the warm welcomes we have received, and the sympathy shown to our comrades in the coalfields. We have heard from home that it is being said that we are making derogatory remarks about the Denaby and Cadeby Collieries. This is totally untrue, however we can deal with that when we get home.”