Coal Strike – Relief at Denaby – Rations for 13,000 Persons – Miners Offered a Loan

June 1926

Mexborough and Swinton Times June 18, 1926

Relief at Denaby.
Rations for 13,000 Persons
Miners Offered a Loan.

A meeting of Denaby and Cadeby miners will be held on Sunday morning in the Denaby football field, when the miners officials will put before the men several proposals for financing the distribution of relief in the township.

We are informed by Mr T. Hill, one of the leaders of the Cadeby men, that a Mr Edwards, of Edinburgh, a retired wine and spirit dealer has offered to lend £5000 on the credit of the Denaby and Cadeby miners at 4% repayable in a year. The credit of the Denaby and Cadeby branches has thus far been placed up to 10s per man and 5s per boy.

There are altogether 5000 men and boys employed at these collieries, and if the offer of Mr Edwards is to be accepted the consent of the men is necessary. This is one of the matters to be dealt with on Sunday. There are one or two alternative possibilities. The question of approaching the Colliery Company for a loan has been discussed, but no definite action has been taken. It is reported that the Mining Association (mine owners) strongly objects to individual colliery company’s assisting the miners in this way, but the relations between the Denaby and Cadeby collieries, Ltd., and its workmen are so excellent that it is considered likely that a suggestion of this kind would not be unsympathetically received, especially in view of the fact that repayment would be secure. However, no definite overture has been made.

It is very unlikely that the annual excursion of Denaby and Cadeby miners, which usually take place on the first Saturday in August, will be held this year, and it has been suggested that the Colliery Company might be disposed to at least lend for the relief of distress what they would ordinarily have given as a holiday grant. Whatever money is raised on the credit of the Denaby and Cadeby miners and distributed in relief, is subject to an allocation of 20%, both of the liability and other benefit, to Mexborough, where 800 Denaby and Cadeby miners reside.

The distress among employees of these Collieries is so widespread that the central relief committee has agreed to distribute food to a population of 13,000 today (Friday). There will be issued to this number a ration of 3 pounds of bread per head, half a pound of jam, an ounce of tea, half a pound of margarine and the quarter of a pound of sugar.

Arrangements have been made for this food to be supplied at contract prices by six local tradesmen at a time, the orders being passed round week by week. The supplies are to be delivered to a central store, the pay shed in the Cadeby colliery yard having been sent aside for this purpose and the central store will be under the supervision of Mrs H. C. Harrison, wife of the general manager of the colliery, and Mr D. Sheldon.

The local distribution centres will be: Annerley Street Institute (Denaby Ward,) Epworth Hall (West Ward), the Labour Club (North Ward). The Catholic Club (East Ward), and the Ivanhoe Club (South Ward).