Coal Trade Outlook – Hopeful Signs at South Yorkshire Pits – Five Counties Scheme.

September 1928

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Tuesday 18 September 1928

Coal Trade Outlook.
Hopeful Signs at South Yorkshire Pits.
Five Counties Scheme.

The outlook of the coal trade of the equipped collieries in the Conisborough, Denaby, Mexborough, Wath, and Barnburgh districts is brightening, though the present improvement is dependent to a great extent on the coming quotas of the Five Counties’ marketing scheme. The latter, according to local colliery managements, is justifying itself.
Inquiries yesterday revealed hope of immediate improvement. At, the Wath Main Colliery no definite news was available beyond the statement that work would be governed by the quota fixed for next month. At Hickleton Main (Thurnscoe) the manager, Mr. W’. Hazard, said that that pii would be working regularly until the end of the present month, and the measure of continuance subsequently would be determined by the quota.

At Manvers Main, Nos. 1 and 2, and at the Associated Colliery of Barnburgh Main, there is a feeling of optimism that the miners will have regular employment for some months. At present work at Hickleton Main is maintained five days a week, but October and forward requirements will have to await the revised quota.

Mr. W. Still, manager the Denaby Main Colliery, states that whil he cannot substantiate the rumours of regular employment at the Denaby’ and Cadeby collieries for months ahead, he was hoping that they would be realised. It was true that the proposal to close down the Barnsley seam had been deferred for a lime, which course, had it been pursued, would have thrown hundreds of men out of employment. The winter season brought a more or less revival of the coal trade, and unless adverse circumstances altered the improving outlook, they hoped to work five days a week for considerable time at Denaby and Cadeby. There, as elsewhere, much would be dependent the quota authorised by the marketing scheme