“Collecting” For Cadeby Disaster Fund.

August 1912

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 03 August 1912

“Collecting” For Cadeby Disaster Fund.

For obtaining alms by representing he was collecting for the Cadeby disaster fund, George Turner, of Denaby was sent to prison for one month with hard labour in the Sheffield Police Court, yesterday.

In each of three cases prisoner asked for money for the Cadeby Relief Fund, and was given small sums of money. On receiving the money he asked the donors to sign in a pocket-book.

Evidence was given William Henry Bingley, grocer, Ellesmere Road, Miss Buchanan, 307. Ellesmere Road, and Mrs. Emerson, 3, Cawston Road.

Police-constable Biggin, 39, Blayton Road, said that prisoner called at his house. When he asked him who gave him authority he said Mr. Chambers.

Witness said: Mr. Chambers would not give you a book like that,” and arrested him. Prisoner aiterwards admitted the offence, and said it was the first time.

Turner said he had worked at Cadeby for two years, and knew meet of the men who were killed in the disaster.