College Students at a Coal Mine

March 1900

Huddersfield Daily Chronicle – Saturday 31 March 1900

College Students at a Coal Mine

The members of the mining classes at the Huddersfield Technical Collage, along with other classes from Leeds and Ossett have paid a visit to the Cadeby Colliery at Conisborough

The party, who were under the leadership of Mr. Herbert Perkin, the instructor, were met at the colliery by Mr. H. S. Wittey, the certificated manager, who showed them first round the surface works and afterwards round the pit.

It is interesting to see that the coal worked at this colliery lies at a depth of no less than 750 yards, and the speed of winding retained when the cages are passing each other in the middle of the shaft at about 55 miles per hour.

The visit to the underground workings was particularly instructive. The seam or bed of coal is about 9ft. in thickness, practically all good coal, which is a striking contrast to the coal mines worked in the neighbourhood of Huddersfield, which get as low as 18 and 20 inches. The output from the Cadeby Colliery is nearly 10,000 tens per week, and this is wound up the shaft by a very fine pair of engines, the drum of which alone weighs nearly 90 tons.

At the conclusion of the visit refreshments were kindly provided by the Denaby Main Colliery Company, and at the suggestion of Mr. Perkin a collection was made for the local war fund, which was therefore a reached to the extent of £1.

Votes of thanks to the managing director, the manager, and others brought the proceedings to a close.