Colliery Changes – Yorkshire Amalgamated Moves

June 1945

South Yorkshire Times June 16, 1945

Colliery Changes
Yorkshire Amalgamated Moves

Changes made recently by Yorkshire Amalgamated Collieries Ltd in the management of a number of their South Yorkshire collieries have now come into effect.

Mr Norman Hulley, agent at Denaby Main since 1938, has been appointed agent at Rossington Main and Dinnington Main;
Mr T Glasser comes from Rossington to be acting general manager of Denaby, Maltby and Cadeby Main collieries;
Mr D Cowburn, agent at Cadeby is now agent of Denaby and Cadeby;
Mr TS Charlton, managing director of Cortonwood Collieries Ltd is now assistant managing director of Yorkshire Collieries Ltd and Amalgamated Denaby Collieries Ltd.;
and Mr Harold Peake, joint managing director of Denaby and Cadeby and the Maltby Main Colliery Company Limited has become a director of Yorkshire Amalgamated Collieries Ltd.