Colliery Death Fund

July 1941

Mexborough & Swinton Times, July 5th

Colliery Death Fund

On Sunday morning the annual meeting of the Denaby Colliery Death Fund was held.

Mr. W. H.  Barnett presided, and referred to the recent illness of Mr. R. B. Gethin, the late president, and all paid tribute to his work for the fund.  It was decided that a letter of sympathy should be despatched.

The accounts presented by Mr. Platt gave the total stoppages from the members for the last twelve months as £1,965 17s. 3d.  The Amount paid out was £31 10s. for salaries, £1 2s. for printing, and £1,933 15s. 3d. for claims.  The Contingency Fund organised in May, 1940, to meet extra claims for members of the Forces, had an income of £312 18s. 3d., three claims had been met and there was a balance of £204 18s. 3d.

Mr Platt stated that during the year 257 doctors notes had been received, making a weekly average of five, and he appealed for the continuance of the observance of Rule 5, which would save a lot of trouble.

One claim had been rejected in the year, and this had been fully approved by the members.  The claims had been heavy during the year, but all cases had been thoroughly investigated.  During the year they had lost from the committee by death Mr. J. Millington, and two others (Messrs. J. Sabin and J. E. Taylor), had resigned and, owing to ill-health, Mr. R. B. Gethin (chairman) had been too ill to continue active duties.

The following officials were elected: Treasurer, Mr. B. H. Pickering; chairman, Mr. W. H. Barnett; secretary, Mr. Arthur Platt; committee, Messrs. E. Whitehouse, J. Stead, H. Willoughby (underground), and T. Watson (surface workers).  A vote of thanks was accorded to all officials and to the Colliery Company.