Colliery Extensions – Cadeby   

December 1889

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Saturday 28 December 1889

Colliery Extensions – Cadeby    

An important undertaking is that which has been commenced by the Denaby Main Colliery Company.

They are sinking to one of the largest coalfields in South Yorkshire, and are manifesting a great deal of enterprise in putting down a large and extensive plant.

It is a curious fact that wherever the Barnsley bed of coal has been proved and worked beneath the limestone, that considerable diminution in thickness has always been found to exist; and as the company are sinking at the edge of the limestone at Cadeby, great interest is naturally manifested to see whether the seam maintains the splendid section now being worked or whether it depreciates to the eastward.

If it is established that the coal maintains its quality to the extreme dip, a very valuable and important discovery will have been made, because there are enormous areas in which the Barnsley bed coal must lie at a nice working distance from the surface—from Doncaster to Shireoaks in the south, and to Kirby on the north.