Colliery Houses – Conisborough U.D.C. Meet N.C.B.

June 1955

South Yorkshire Times, June 4th, 1955

Colliery Houses
Conisborough U.D.C. Meet N.C.B.

At meeting of the House Letting Committee of Conisborough Urban Council, the Clerk (Mr. R. F. Edwardson) submitted a written report of the meeting with representatives of the National Coal Board to discuss exchanges of tenancy consequent upon recommendations in a Ministry circular.

Mr. J. Halford (Mining Agent) had pointed out that the main difficulty arose through the Board’s policy to insist upon ‘service tenancies,’ having regard to the need to conserve their houses for men employed in the industry, and while there could be no departure from the policy, local officials would be prepared to consider all cases on their merits.

In effect, tenants moving into a Coal Board house would require to be colliery employees and willing to accept a service tenancy. The Council’s deputation had also enquired as to the possibility of families living in overcrowded conditions. In existing Coal-Board properties being re-housed in four-bedroomed house on the Ellershaw Road estate, and had been informed that when control had passed to the Board’s Local Housing Department on completion of the estate, everything possible would be done to alleviate over crowing.

It was moved by Coun. R. Scurfield, and seconded by County Coun. J. Prendergast, that the report be received and that members of the Council’s deputation be thanked for their efforts to secure more adequate accommodation for families living in colliery houses under overcrowded conditions.