Colliery Special Rule 4

February 1902

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 07 February 1902

Colliery Special Rule 4

George Butcher and James Hague, colliers, Denaby, were also summoned for having committed a breach of Colliery Special Rule 4 on January 15th.

Mr. Gichard again prosecuted, and Mr. Lodge. Wakefield, defended. In this case it appeared that the defendants had contravened the rule in question by having neglected to see that the fillers, who were employed in working under them did not precede them out of the underground working of the colliery. It was stated that fillers, being irresponsible persons, had no interest in paying special attention to the roof of the colliery, so the defendants having left work and left these men in charge of the stall, contributed to the danger not only of the fillers but to the whole of these who happened to be in the mine at the time.

After hearing the defendants. the magistrates said there was no doubt that colliers were under an obligation to remain in the colliery until the fillers had left, but in this case the evidence had been of a somewhat conflicting character, and therefore would be dismissed.

Joseph Vickers and Benjamin Rosebrook, miners, of Mexborough, were also summoned be the Denaby Main Colliery Company for a breach of Special Rule 4 for neglecting to properly withdraw a number of props after a fall of roof.

After a lot of conflicting evidence was given, both defendants were fined 15s. including the costs

Mr. W. Baddiley appeared for the defendants, and Mr. W. M Gichard prosecuted.-

John Burgess, a coupler, of Denaby, was summoned by the Denaby Main Colliery Company for a breach of Special Rule 4.

Defendant pleaded guilty.

Mr. Gichard, who appeared, stated that the lad had endangered his own life as well as of other men in the mine. Defendant was fined 15s. inclusive of the costs.