Collision Sequel.

January 1950

SoonSouth Yorkshire Times January 7, 1950

Collision Sequel.

A collision in which two cars, one of them driven by Mr. Frank Kelsall, Crookhill Road, Conisbrough, chief cost accountant of the N.C.B.’s North-Eastern Division, was involved at Conisbrough, had a sequel at Doncaster West. Riding Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday.

The driver of the other vehicle, Kenneth Marriott (26), electrical engineer with the Yorkshire Electricity Board, of Carr House Road, Doncaster, was fined £5 and ordered to pay £2 13s. costs for driving his car dangerously.

When Marriott was questioned about the absence of three passengers travelling in his car being called as witnesses, Mr. W. Bridge, his solicitor, explained that the summons against him was issued on Christmas Eve; it was served on him by hand on Boxing Day, it had then to go to his insurance company, and owing to the Christmas holiday his solicitor only had telephone instructions to appear for him last night. Consequently there was no time to contact the witnesses.

Nevertheless, Mr. Bridge said he preferred the case to go on. Marriott pleaded that he did not see a signal from Kelsall that he intended to turn. Inspector Lewery said that Marriott was involved in a collision on the main Sheffield-Doncaster road at the junction of Brook Square and Clifton Hill. He struck the rear of Kelsall’s car.