Conan Began a Burg.

May 1921

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 21 May 1921

“Conan began a burg. In all the world was not such a burg, so fair. Ad as he rode it through and through he named it Conan’sberg. It was on a Whitsonday.”

Thus wrote an ancient chronicler, though I quote from memory in an attempt to explain the first beginnings of Conisborough. Conan was a British chief, and if we are to accept the above is even approximately correct, it takes the mind back to a fortified hill and the site of present castle in the time of the ancient Britons, the ancestors of the modern Welshman. Note that ancient writer said it was on the Whitsonday, so that we have evidently, all unknowing, pass by very interesting anniversary.

And what a glorious weather and ample has been vouchsafed honours of the holiday. Everyone who called, spent the bank holiday out of doors. The churches and chapels were again unable to provide some form of entertainment for their Sunday school organisations, though the usual visit to the seaside had perforce to be abandoned.

The children’s sports held in a field adjoining Park Road, were very well patronised, and some good sport was witnessed. Many of the prizes were of an eminently useful character, as suits of clothes for boys, and pairs of boots, among other prizes, were competed for.

The Conisbrough band played two full numbers, and in spite of the uninviting industrial outlook, most people appeared to enjoy themselves thoroughly.