Conanby Entrant for Coal Queen (picture)

May 1970

South Yorkshire Times, May 9th, 1970

Coal Queen

A first tilt of the beauty stakes for Mrs. Joan Kelly is at the Coal Queen prize, the final of which is at Pontefract in June – and she will have her husband Peter, to thank if she wins it. For Joan, of 8 Copley Avenue, Conanby, would never have entered the contest without her husband’s persuasion.

She told the “South Yorkshire Times” this week: “This is my first beauty competition, and I entered because Peter wanted me to. I have been far too frightened to enter contests before this.”

For Joan (24), the £50 prize money for the winner would come in very useful to make the family’s summer holiday a week to remember. Peter is a Cadeby Colliery miner and the couple have two boys, Tommy and Paul.