Concert at Denaby

November 1897

Sheffield Independent – Saturday 06 November 1897

Concert at Denaby.

On Thursday night, at the Denaby Main New Schools, a concert was given by the local orchestral society.

There was large audience present. The vocalists the top were Miss Alice Hillerly, soprano, and J.E.Drabble, Mexborough, tenant.

The solos were well received, been rendered with much chase. The selections by the band were well played, so that there had been careful preparation.

The band was constituted as follows:

First Violins: Mrs B Wilson, Wilcox, T Barber, E Lovell, Dixon and Barrow
Second Violins: Miss Gertie so, Miss M Soar, Miss Froggatt, Miss Blakely, Mrs Mills, Mr Thomas Machin and Mr Cambell.
Flutes: Mr J Soar Mr Hewitt
Cello: Mr Witty
Double Bass Mr T Corbridge
Clarinets: Mr Chambers and Mr Hepworth
Cornets: Mrs L Dawson, Hay, Goodwin and Nicholas
French Horns : Mrs Hoyle and Tofini
Euphonium: Mr A Dawson
Trombonist: Mr A Midgley
Bass Trombone: Mr Tyas
Hautboy: Mr Tom Soar

Mr WH Wilson presided at the pianoforte Mr Moses Soar ably conducted.