Concert to Relieve Distress at Conisboro’

March 1886

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 26, 1886

Concert At Conisboro’

On Tuesday night an entertainment was held in the Board schools, to provide fund to relieve the distress which exists at Conisbro’, the School Board at their last meeting having kindly promised the use of the room free of charge. There was a large attendance, the boys’ room being filled.

In the absence of Dr. Hills, who was announced to preside. Mr. G. Harrison presided, and spoke of the good object to which the funds were to be applied, and the ready manner in which both the rich and poor had worked of late to relieve the distress which prevailed in the village.

The concert opened with a well-rendered selection by the Conisboro’ brass band, who by constant practice have developed into one of the best bands in the district.

Next was a song by Mr. T. Stacey, entitled ‘Give me a man of an honest heart,’ which took very well, and the concertina solo by Mr. Taylor, of Swinton, highly delighted the audience, who demanded an encore.

In the temporary absence of Mr. Woodiwiss, of Doncaster, Mr. T. Stacey sang ‘Four jolly smiths,’ in a tasteful manner, and a cornet solo was played by Mr. Dawson, ‘Blue bells of Scotland,’ in the rendering of which considerable taste was displayed. Mr. C. Ledger sand ‘Johnny Sands,’ in his accustomed style, and the band completed the first parts of the programme with another well-played selection.

The band opened the second part with a selection of music, after which Mr. G. Clarkson sang ‘Be always up and doing.’

Mr. Taylor again pleased the audience with a concertina solo, ‘Norma.’ but the next performer, Mr. Woodiwiss, so well acquitted himself, that both his songs were encored, and he had to sing four songs before he was allowed to retire.

Mr. Ledger sand ‘I wish its mother would come,’ in his usual style, and the band brought the entertainment to a close with a fantasia, entitled ‘Fascination.’

It is expected that about £3 will be handed over towards the object in view.