Congratulatory Dinner At Conisboro’.

May 1888

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 25, 1888

Congratulatory Dinner At Conisboro’.

In celebration of the recent election of Mr. H.W. Fitzwilliam, M.P., for the Doncaster division Messrs. Nicholson Brothers, of Holywell Brewer Conisboro’, on Wednesday gave a dinner at the Red Lion to all their workmen.

Among the present were Mr. H. Baker and his son, Mr. Hargreaves, Mr. Joseph Hallam, the brewer, M Todkill, head maltster, Messes. Jno. Twiby, Wm Twiby, and Geo. Twiby, Chappell, Gleadhil Goodlad, Crookea, senr, and junior., Lee, Cooper, Watkinson, Kitchen, Hesley, Ridgill, Brewster Case, Chantrey, Sharpe!, Barber and Atkin.

A splendid dinner was served in Mr. and M Shutt’s well-known style, and consisted of ever thing in season. After ample justice had done Mr. Baker was voted to the chair, and Mr Twyby, senr. to the vice chair.

The usual ley toasts were given including “The Queen, Prince and Princess of Wales, and the Royal Family.

The toast of the evening, ” The Member for the Doncaster division,” was proposed by the chairman, who stated that he could scarce find or a to express how much he felt the honour he had in proposing the toast., He (the chairman) h known Mr. Fitzwilliam for upwards of 14 years firstly when the speaker was a constable and at that time he always found him a gentleman, kind and considerate to all. Afterwards, as inspector, he frequently had the honour of coming in contact with him, and at that time had further experience of his gentlemanly qualities.

Now, as a commercial man, he was pleased to say that he found the name a household one, honoured wherever he went. He felt sure he would always carry the confidence of his constituents and retain his position.

Mr. Watkinson, the cooper to the firm, in seconding the toast, stated that he would always be their member. The toast was drunk with musical honours; cheer after cheer being given in true Yorkshire style. Additional Cheers were given for Lady Mary-and family.

The next toast, “Nicholson Bros.,” was proposed by the vice-chairman, and responded to by Messrs. H Hargreaves and Shutt. “The town and trade of Conisboro’ ” was next proposed, and the prospects of the town referred to. The toast of “Host and Hostess,” proposed by the Chairman was drank in a hearty fashion, to which Shutt responded in his usual happy manner.

Songs were given by Messrs Dungworth, Chantrey, Chappell, and Cooper. Dancing was afterwards indulged in. The National Anthem concluded a pleasant evening.